3 Years of Qurtoba – History and Statistics

So, Qurtoba is almost turning 3 years now, and the website went into hell of progress 🙂 . I can’t believe how things went so fast that I barely can realize what actually happened, how it all started..

Students of University of Sharjah in facebook were asking the exact same question every single time: we want a previous exam for the XYZ material. While the exam was posted, but it takes the student a hell of time to find it, while the post was buried into oblivion. So the idea came in mind: Why not sorting all the materials in one site, under one umbrella, and the student can then find his way to whatever material he wants?

Here where everything started. I posted that post in UOS Solution Manual group, and received a good feedback. Development started, and had a great experience with WordPress.

Version 1

Qurtoba – Version 1

Qurtoba went into 3 main versions, and each of them was unique of its own way. The first version was trying to define the characteristics of the website itself, how it will look like? what pages to include? how to actually manage it? and so forth. At first the materials database was managed by a simple HTML table, no complications over there. And then materials got expanded, and there was a need to create a dynamic page that updates itself without the need to directly interact with it, and there was the hardest work among all. The development of that page took around 2 months, learned how to develop a single page using SQL queries, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Version 2

Qurtoba – Version 2


Version one stayed still for almost a year, then thought that there was a need to change, and here were version 2 were introduced. Actually if you lived with the website life-cycle, you would know that Qurtoba was hosted first at a free web-host, which provided all the needed services a small website would have asked for, but when the website grew bigger, there was a need to move to another host, and hence, changed the layout too. There were more sections introduced, starting from the Online GPA Calculator, and ending with AUST Previous Exams page.


last version

Qurtoba – Version 3

The last version, which is how the website looks like now, was a complete revamp of the website. Dynamic counter numbers were introduced as well as the students testimonies for the website. Dynamic counters, even some Online Exams were introduced so the student can test his knowledge before the final exam..!

The word spread fast in social media. Students were referring to Qurtoba in facebook, and even twitter..!


Some twitter references for Qurtoba!


Some Statistics

Qurtoba statistics initiated in 19th April, 2012, the jump in number of visits per year was astonishing, take a look


Time Period Number of Visits Peak Visits Scored in One Day
Aprth 19th – December 31st, 2012 2955 119
Jan 1st – December 31st, 2013 9506 211
Jan 1st – December 31st, 2014 32144 360


Almost a 200% increase in number of visits in 2013, and around 350% visits increase in 2014..!

Last word

I’d like to thank everyone who trusted Qurtoba. You are the fuel of the website, so Thank You =)


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