5 Years of Qurtoba – What a Change

Qurtoba turned 5.. The website went into hell of progress 🙂 . I can’t believe how things went so fast that I barely can realize what actually happened, how it all progress..

I will discuss some of the changes that happened in the past 2 years, and you can head to the 3 Years of Qurtoba – History and Statisticsif you are interested in knowing of what happened before.



Qurtoba Evolve

Qurtoba went into 5 different layouts, each of them was unique of its own way. The first version was trying to define the characteristics of the website itself, how it will look like? what pages to include? how to actually manage it? and so forth. At first the materials database was managed by a simple HTML table, no complications over there. And then materials got expanded, and there was a need to create a dynamic page that updates itself without the need to directly interact with it, and there was the hardest work among all. The development of that page took around 2 months, learned how to develop a single page using SQL queries, PHP, JavaScript, etc.



New (Current) view:


The drastic change was not only in the page look & feel, but in the code itself. Its faster, more reliable, and easily accessible to the user. In addition, we have reached a milestone of 1000+ material uploaded to the website.! This includes 782 Midterms, 237 Finals, 451 Quizzes, and 342 Other Materials.!


ADU Previous Exams
An initiative that didn’t see light


As for many students in different universities; Qurtoba received some requests to add the ADU university to its page, which we did. but unfortunately the initiative didn’t mature enough to make it stay & available. We only received 1 Midterm, 1 Quiz, and 2 Class Works.

Important Note: ALL materials displayed in Qurtoba are atleast 1 year old, which means: no leaks are allowed in Qurtoba, the dates displayed for the user when he uploads the materials are always 1 year old and below. and if we detect a user who uploaded a leaked exam then we ban him permanently from accessing the site without warning”.

Despite all that, students were unwilling to help, and so, the initiate died, and no one heard about it.

ADU.. You didn’t last, Rest In Peace you warrior.



The Rise and Fall of AUS Page


Like AUD, different scenario. This time the kill-trigger wasn’t made by the students, but by the AUS administrative themselves. We received an email requesting us to remove everything related to AUS, we tried to explain our target and why we have built the website to start with, and all what we received is a message demanding the immediate removal of the materials, otherwise, court is waiting.


Bye Bye AUS, you’ve been great..


Because of it, we added a clear statement for each and every exam page available at Qurtoba.

(Disclaimer: Qurtoba is a self-initiated project that is NOT associated with any listed university)

If you are interested in  of what happened & the sequence of the events, you can find some further details in the AUS Previous Exams page.


Introduction of Qurtoba Mobile App


This year, we have had a major milestone in Qurtoba life-cycle: The development and launch of Qurtoba Android App.!

The development took a hell lot of time, while facing so many struggles & challenges, however, we made it.!

The mobile application includes a lot of features, such as:

  • UOS Previous Exams
  • AUST Previous Exams
  • GPA Calculator
  • and A Tic Tac Toe Game

The mobile app utilize all the materials available in Qurtoba website. In addition: student can calculate his expected GPA & have fun while waiting for

The application can be found & downloaded here 




Qurtoba statistics initiated in 19th April, 2012, the jump in number of visits per year was astonishing, take a look:


Time Period Number of Visits Peak Visits Scored in One Day
Aprth 19th – December 31st, 2012 2,955 119
Jan 1st – December 31st, 2013 9,506 211
Jan 1st – December 31st, 2014 32,144 360
Jan 1st – December 31st, 2015 59,117 763
Jan 1st – December 31st, 2016 110,834 1,166


We had visitors growing for almost 100% each year.! which we are proud of.! That was only for the website, but since we launched the Mobile App in Firday, July 31st, 2015,  we had the following statistics:


Total Downloads 1,574
Total Sessions: 23,288
Total Screen Views 135,076


In addition, the courses available in the mobile app has been accessed for more than 39,781 times, along with the GPA Calculator which has been used for more than 15,664 times, moreover, students played some Tic Tac Toe game for more than 2,140 times!


Future Plans

We have some future plans that is already in the making, that includes:

  • The ability to register in Qurtoba and manage your courses, plan your future semesters where student will have his GPA auto-calculated. (like a dashboard for the user to customize and use).
  • Enhance the upload feature to make it more generic & easy to use.
  • iOS version of Qurtoba – its a far plan, but on the making
  • Ehance the GPA calculator to include the courses taken with F grade

This is not the only list we have, so stay tuned 🙂

Last words

We are so proud of what we have achieved in Qurtoba, and I’d like to thank everyone who trusted Qurtoba. You are the fuel of the website, so Arigato Gozaymaso =)


Abdulafou Kabbani
Qurtoba Proud Owner and Developer

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