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Abdulafou Kabbani

  • Name: Abdulafou Kabbani
  • Education: An MIS Graduate from University of Sharjah
  • Current Position: IT Business Analyst at Network Development Department – Etisalat
  • Previous Work Experience:
    • Teacher Assistant at University of Sharjah for a variety of courses including:
      • Programming 1.
      • Programming 2.
      • Programming for Engineers.
      • Introduction to IT.
      • Introduction to Multimedia.
      • Other courses.
    • Research Assustant (University of Sharjah) – 2010
    • FedEx Troubleshooter – 2006
  • Interests: Programming through C++ and Java. Web programming through HTML, PHP and JavaScript.

The purpose of creating this website is to give students the opportunity to test their studies and knowledge before entering any exam, in order to gain a high grade. Also, to have step-by-step tutorials on some materials (which will be included later nshalla). The website is still an initiative as there are few pages, but more will be added once I receive some more materials.

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  1. Abdo, your facebook hyperlink isn’t working 🙂 just wanted to leave a heads-up!
    miss you cousin and wish u best luck!

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  2. do u know that ur the best person in the world ? u have no idea how much this helped me not jus to study but to pass my courses !! waiting for more exams


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      Maaaan.. Thank you so much for your kind, humble words.. I’m so happy that this website made it in helping you guys understand and pass your courses.. That was the main purpose of it all, I’m so happy to hear it from you.. 7amdella ya rab ^_^

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      1. I can’t find an “Upload” button under “AUS previous exams”. Can I use the same link to upload AUS papers?

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          The upload page for AUS materials is under development. But as a temporary practice, you can send me a dropbox or a one drive link for the materials

  3. Thank you alot for helping other students. It’s a time consuming for you but AL hamdullah you helped alot of people and we really pray that allah may bless you 🙂

    thanks alot and fightinggggggggggg ^^,


  4. Hi! You are a lifesaver!! In the UOS previous exams for Human Anatomy and Physiology, it is missing chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 12. Is there any way you could upload those?

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