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3 Months, and 21 Days, was the age of this page, before it was taken down.

4 years back, we established Qurtoba, and we were focused on providing the means necessary for students to prepare and pass their exams with fly colors. We had – and still have – a dream of including all universities across the Emirates, and make Qurtoba a station where students go & test their knowledge, so they enter the exam with self-confidence. And one of the universities we aimed to include, is AUS.
 We had a small , shy initiative announcement, in one of the unofficial AUS Facebook pages during the summer period:




After the announcement of the AUS Previous Exams page, news went viral. Most of students loved the idea, and supported us either by providing materials, encouraging, or thanking us. Even the popular AUS twitter guy “spoderman((AUS)”, tweeted about our initiative:


Needless to say, we received TONS of different materials from several students, the total uploaded material size exceeded the 500MB barrier, and more than 450 different material uploaded, which took more than 150 hours to refine, categorize, organize, upload, etc.
We were following some strict rules: No books, Solution Manuals were allowed as they violate the publisher copyrights. Labs were repeated every single semester so they were also excluded, also: No material of the current running semester were published before the end of that semester.


When the spring semester started, we re-announced the launch of AUS page, and had some overwhelming response from a lot of students.


And this was one of the beloved comments we received:


Statistical wise, the page was visited for more than 8,000 times during its very short lifetime span, which wasn’t expected by any means, with more than 100GB of total file transfer. We were so happy, that students were actually depending on the website to prepare for their studies, and that was the initial aim when we started this project: to help students.


But on 16th of October, 2016, things changed..
We received the following complain from the AUS administration regarding the existence of AUS in Qurtoba:

Dear Abdulafou,

The American University of Sharjah (AUS) is neither associated with, nor approve the use of the AUS name and logo on the mentioned website. This is done without our consent, and it is a serious violation to our policies, guidelines and the UAE’s cybercrime law.

We demand that you immediately remove any association with the American University of Sharjah from If we don’t receive a cooperative response within 48 hours, we will escalate the matter to the UAE authorities and the hosting service.Strategic Communications and Media in AUS




We took action immediately, and tried to contact the corresponding person, asking for a meeting to sort things out. And students asked us to update the status whenever there is an update.



But unfortunately, the only reply we received was:

Dear Abdulafou,

Thank you for cooperating. We will contact you if there is a need to meet. Have a nice day.Strategic Communications and Media in AUS

“if there is a need to meet”
After we took down the page, along with everything associated with AUS, we announced that Qurtoba is no longer available for AUS students due to the updated events. We received many comments and messages, thanking us for the progress we had, and how Qurtoba actually helped. This was one of the snapchat stories we saw after the take-down.



Last Words

We had a dream, of making Qurtoba a global platform for all students around UAE, if not the Arab Region, to help students pursuing their dream, pass the university life with high grades, and have a successful future. Qurtoba is a self-initiated project, free for everyone, and we will continue perusing our dream.
We still have an Online GPA Calculator page, designed for AUS students, and we have a plan to develop a page for students to organize their schedule once all subjects are announced, along with some other plans, so stay tuned.
Thank you all, for your deep trust in Qurtoba.


Abdulafou Kabbani
Qurtoba Owner & Developer.

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  1. Please help me I’m a freshman and I want to pass where are the previous questions if you can please post them as soon as possible because I have quiz on Wednesday 21 september.

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      All things related to AUS are unfortunately removed, this is a sad news for us, and we are sorry for everyone who actually depends on our website for their studies..

      We can’t do anything right now, Unless someone takes an action and speak with the AUS regulators to bring everything back the way it was

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