Want new ways to calculate the Final Course Grade?
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Select Your Course Calculator Method

  • The PLUS Course Calculator
    , which Calculates the Course Mark as follows:
    A: 100 – 90, B+ = 89 – 85, B: 84 – 80, C+: 79 – 75, C: 74 – 70, D+: 69 – 65, D: 64 – 60, and F: 59 – 0

    Example Universities: University of Sharjah, AUST, etc..

  • The MINUS Course Calculator
    ,Since the Course Grade schema differes from one course to another, we decided to display only the total mark of 100

    Example Universities: AUS, etc..


Total Percentage =
Total Grade =
Grade in Letter =

Find your Course Final Grade with these simple steps

1- Add the number of assessments required (Example, if the course is determined by Midterm, Final, Quizzes, and Homework, then these are 4 assessments)
2- Determine the assessment weight
3- Add the Grade for each assessment (The grade should be out of 100)
4- Hit Calculate Grade Course


Here is a sample illustration of how to enter the required fields:

After all fields are entered, simply click on the Calculate button, and the result will be displayed automatically.

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