َQurtoba Course Scheduler

This page will create a simple course schedule for you, simply create the schedule and save the link, Click here for example.

Add as many as 7 courses, simply click on the “Add a course” button and fill in the fields!

All fields are required, however there are currently no validation rules implemented, & I’m working on them. Also, I’m going to add the feature of saving the schedule as image, but it will take time 🙂

Steps are simple:

  • Fill in ALL the details for the first course
  • Click On “Add another Course” if you need to “up to 7 courses”
  • Fill in ALL fields
  • Once finalized, click on “Create my schedule”

PS: Once the table is generated, you can save the link for future!

Give it a try!

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Course Name: Course Location
From: To:
Choose Days:      

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