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Do you want to test your skills in a certain subject? Are you 100% ready for your final and you want to have a small warm up? Then this page is certainly what you are looking for..! The page provides you with 10 random questions for any subject you chose, then it will display your performance result! Try to get 10 correct answers and challenge your skills!

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Selected Course: Biochemistry
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1 : Energy charge” in a cell is a measure of

2 : RNA transcribed from the coding strand instead of the template strand

3 : Which of the following statements about eukaryotic nuclei is FALSE?

4 : The protein called p53 is especially important in cancer because:

5 : Which of the following is not an advantage that glycogen provides to muscle cells in which it is stored?

6 : Which enzyme is the key regulatory enzyme in glycolysis?

7 : Which of the following is true concerning the first nucleotide incorporated into an RNA chain?

8 : According to the big bang theory of the creation of the universe

9 : DNA replication is a challenging process because:

10 : Which of the following statements apply to anabolism?

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      Thank you for your feedback!!! actually i’ve taken these questions either from test banks or from the previouses.

      If there is any wrong answer please let me know the question and the correct answer so I can correct them..

      Thank you in advance..!!!

  1. hi I need exams for health sciences nursing .. why no exams for communication or health assessment. I need also for pathophysiology

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