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Note: There is a newer and updated version of the GPA available here, its online, and easy to use..! 

A small java project, which I started a couple of years back, its a simple GPA calculator, where the student can calculate his GPA as well as his commutative GPA according to his current performance..

So the project idea is as follows: the student has 9 different possibilities for his mark: A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, and F , and each of these marks has a certain point assigned to it, so for example:

A+ = 4.5 , A = 4 , B+ = 3.5 , B = 3 , C+ = 2.5, C = 2 , D+ = 1.5 , D = 1 , F = 0

So how the marks are calculated? suppose you are taking 3 courses, each course is 3 credit  hours, and you are expecting to take A, B, and C. The Semester GPA will be counted as: ((4 x 3) + (3 x 3) + (2 x 3) / 3), and the result will be your Semester GPA.. Though, Course GPA , or CGPA, will be counted differently..

Program Descriptions:App Screen

At the beginning, student enters the following information: Current GPA and GPA Hours, Current GPA stands for the current student GPA, and GPA hours stands for the number of hours successfully done by the student.. So after these information are filled, the student then chose the number of courses he is currently taking, then press Done.. The program then opens a number of fields (Max of 7) to fill, then when he presses on Calculate, the program calculates the student Semester GPA, CGPA, and his current stand (Junior, Senior, etc..)..

Its a small project as I mentioned before, which has its bugs, but its a start which I wish to finish in day..

If you want to try the program, please go ahead, and I’ll be more than happy to receive your feedback, but please note that you have to install JAVA Runtime for the program to work..

1- Java
2- Simple GPA Calculator

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