We Are Back..!!!

After around two months of disconnection, Qurtoba is finally back 🙂 , I hope you did miss the website though 😛 . So anyway, whats been there? I’ve been asked about whats been happening to the website? and why are all these disconnection? Well, here is a brief summary of what happened:

Qurtoba first started small, or actually tiny 😛 , a couple of materials were there, no SQL queries, complicated pages, or even a GPA calculator, and it was hitting around 2 to 3 visits per day. There was no need to actually pay for a host due to the small amount of traffic that was generated, in fact, the free host that provided exactly everything Qurtoba needs, but this changed dramatically after exactly one year.

After a year, Qurtoba grown really fast, with Online GPA Calculator introduced, an initiative to create a full C++ tutorials, SQL queries for course materials, and more than 100 downloadable exam/quiz/notes, the website started to generate traffic from 2 to 3 user a day, to more than a 100 hit in exam days..!!! Random website shutdowns were happening here and there, some stayed for a couple of minutes, and others ranged from 1 day, to a week..! And the free host I was working with started to show me its “other face”. In fact, nothing was working properly, till the day came, where the whole website shutdown with no reason, files were deleted, and I almost lost everything [Thank you backup :’) ] So I decided that there is a need to move the website to another host, and here were the pain just started.

The search took me around a year, moving the website from host to host, and none of them provided a decent host server to host more than 100 materials and 32 courses (at that time), so, a white flag was raised at that time , and gave up on free hosts. So I decided that finally its time to host the website in a decent server, so it wont be shutdown again 🙂

In mean time and during the shutdown, Qurtoba was updated locally. A changelog page were added, 23 different materials as well as many midterms and finals were added, and some performance tweaks were done by that time.

And here we are people, after a couple of months of being away, Qurtoba is back Al-Hamdullellah. And I’m really thankful for all of you who were continuously asking about the website, supporting me with everything, providing advice, or even generously donating their host plans just for Qurtoba..! I’m really thankful for all the support I had from everyone of you, the website will worth nothing without you.


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